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Welcome to Noah The Wheel Smith

Welcome to Noah The Wheel Smith

Hello! I am Noah Smith, chief wheel builder here at Noah The Wheels Smith (NTWS for short). Cycling is my passion and I’ve made it my job to make sure everyone can get a set of wheels that allows them to enjoy this sport as much as I do. Whether you ride road, MTB, ‘cross or pretty much anything else in between I can help you get the best wheels you can.

Check out How To Order if you want a set of wheels, lovingly hand built to a high standard by me. If you’re not sure, have a look at the Recent Builds or my Supported Riders to see what I could build for you. You can find more of my ramblings on the NTWS Blog. Have a browse; I hope you find what you need.

  • Contact Us

    First thing to do is to Contact Us for an in-depth consultation on your wheels. We will talk you through the best combination of rims, hubs, spokes and nipples to match your riding needs. We will need to know about your riding style, what the wheels are for and your weight.

  • Quotation

    Once the consultation is complete we will source the parts and send you a Quotation. If you wish to continue we will require the payment in full before any work begins. There is plenty of chance during the consultation to ensure you get the wheels you want.

  • The Build

    The Build will be completed to a high standard as quickly as we can. Lead times on wheels are around 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Delivery

    The Finished Product will be sent to you via Royal Mail. It may be possible to collect your wheel(s) from us if you are local but this will be on an individual basis.

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Price List:

  • Wheel build (labour only): £25
  • Rebuild of wheel (including dismantling old wheel): £30
  • Part Sourcing: £2
  • Wheel true: £10

Opinions and thoughts...

  • Press 1
    „Looking for a custom wheel build locally? MTB, road, track or bmx check out our friend Noah The Wheel Smith“
  • Press 2
    „There's no one I'd trust more to build my wheels, absolute legend!“
    ‎Jonathan Pham