"This blog contains the writings of NTWS’s chief wheel-builder Noah Smith, who also happens to be our chief of rambling-on, chief of pontificating and chief geek. The points he tries to make always come back round on themselves, kind of like wheels"


Starting a company is a rather large undertaking; if only I had fully understood that a month ago. Working seven days a week is pretty damn tiring no matter how much coffee I drink. The interesting thing is though, I would do it all again. As has been said before, we do not do things because they are easy but because they are hard and that, like most things, makes me think about cycling. More specifically as to how cycling mirrors life in a giant metaphor.

We are probably all familiar with the idea of life being a ride, how we leave the house, ride along the lanes, along the ups and downs until finally we complete our journey and enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake in the best café in the universe. This metaphor of a simple bicycle ride can be applied to smaller chapters of life too. So, where am I on my ride now?

Well, I think (or hope at least) that I’ve only just got to the door. The thing that people tend to forget about the cycling metaphor is that the journey starts a long time before you leave the door. The way I like to see it as is I’ve got up, bleary eyed blinking into the day reaching out to stop my alarm, stretched out, groaned and got out of bed. Then cleaned my teeth, eaten breakfast and drank my coffee, got on my kit, pumped up my tires and admired the wheels I built myself. This is where I am now: just about to step out of the door for a ride. About to step into the dawn of a brand new day to soar down roads I’ve never seen before and no matter how tired I am that is one of the best feelings in the world. Who knows what is to come? Time can only tell. Though cycling has taught me one thing about this moment: however rough the ride, what you learn makes it all worthwhile.

Yours in cycling,

Noah Smith

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